Datura Seeds








How to get them and where to find them








Datura usually produces more pods than you could possibly want. I usually cut them off at the beginning of Summer and around the end of July leave them on to mature. On the off chance your Datura is not producing pods, gently shaking the whole bush a few times a day when there are flowers present will do it.








Once the flower is finished blooming you can pull the petals off and a sheath will be left. If you leave them for a few days both parts will pull off easily. I pull off the petals because they look ugly then the sheath when it starts to go yellow.








Datura pods can be bumpy or spikey.















Growing A Pod












1. Petals and sheath just pulled off. Looks like a little button.

2. A few days later. Looks like a gum drop.

3. A week later, starting to fill out.





Datura pods can get really big








 How to tell when they are ready to be harvested






 I’ve never really kept track of how long it takes to go from the button stage to harvest. A guess would be 12 weeks or more. Don’t cut off the pod until you see it starting to split.











 Some people put a bag around it or panty hose when it starts to split to catch seeds. If the pod is allowed to dry out, it may literally explode, throwing seeds all over the place. I cut mine off when I see the split and tear it open,
















Next you want to dig the seeds out of the pod. If you have any open cuts on your fingers, wear gloves or wait until they heal. All parts of datura are poisonous. I just dig out the seeds, spread them on a plate and let them dry out on the plate for a few days. Once dry there will be a leathery chaff stuck to them which you can leave on or pick off. Once dry you can store them like you would any other seed.






All parts of datura are poisonous. After harvesting seed, wash your hands thoroughly before doing anything else.